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Getting Started With Ansible

What is Ansible?

Ansible is a configuration management, deployment, and general command execution framework. This framework is similar to Chef, or Puppet, except that it is extremely lightweight, using only python and ssh to get the job done. It also requires very little learning before you can start managing your servers.

Getting Things Installed

Okay, so you’re excited and want to start managing your servers, so lets get some stuff installed first.

Believe it or not, you’re more than 50% done already. Time to install some python modules:

The only other step you need to do now is to specify a server to manage.

Okay, so that’s it, you’re ready to rock. Just to test things out:

You should get something that looks a little bit like this:

 Some Other Neat Stuff

What is the external IP address of all of my servers?

How about restarting all of your webservers?

There is plenty more that you can do with Ansible, this is just a quick getting started intro.

Some next steps would be to read through Ansible’s documentation, its pretty good.

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    Wow a lightweight config mgmt / deployment framework — seems to good to be true. I may have to give this a shot!

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